Mandarin farm
- Product Name: CAMY
- Action : Root Fertilizer in granule
- Ingredients : CaCO3 : 10%, MgCO3 : 6%, SiO2 : 20%, P2O5 : 4%, K2O + MnO + TiO2 : 20%
- Appearance: Green/red granule
- Use: CAMY helps trees to grow on evry kinds of soil and also improves the growth of beneficial micro-organisms. It will stimulate and enlarge the root systems and aids in correcting plant chlorocis. CAMY helps to reduce soil poisoning and its pH degree. It will also increase the transfer on fertilizers. Besides it controls effectively some diseases, for example yellow leaf, rice leaf blast. It helps farmers to economize artificial fertilizers, especially to increase productivity and quality of products.
- Recommended dose : 10 - 15 Kgs for hectare.

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Mandarin farm

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