MVD AgroChem
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MVD AgroChem

MVD AgroChem was established under the co-operation between The Environmental Based Institute (USA), Vietnam Generic Agricultural Institute (Vietnam), and AGCCA Gbmh Corporation (Germany). The quality of product is subject to our investment in two agrochemical factories which locate at Linh Trung Export - Processing Zone and Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City.

R & D

Based on our potential partners, MVD Agrochem R & D's aim to manufacture and develop the high quality products with continuous improvement by innovation and commitment to health and more environmental friendly. Our products ave been highly evaluated by customers and Plant Protection Departments, i.e. Hoang Nong, Confitin, Configent, Nomirius Super...


Incorporate modern technology and with our highly talented crews, MVD AgroChem has established a quality operational, control and maintenance system which adopt the international product quality standards before shipment.


With the consultancy of many experts in agrochemical fields, our professional marketing and technical teams are making a great effort to consult customers with the most appropriate technical solutions.

Distribution agencies

Our wide distribution network has spread out whole over the nation, which made our products with the best quality lay on the hand of customers at the best competitive price. We possess a professional technical and marketing team who satisfied our customers and Plant Protection Departments by their high performance in demonstration trials and many successful field trials. Our sales policy and technical assistances are considerate as the principle to penetrate and establish our position on the market.