Sieu to hat MVD B100

Rice Field
- Product Name: SIEU TO HAT MVD B100
- Action : Leave Fertilizer
- Ingredients : Total Nitrogen (N) : 2% - Soluble potassium (K2O) : 1% - Mg derived from Mg [EDTA] : 1500ppm - Zn derived from Zn [EDTA] : 500ppm - Sulfur (S) : 250ppm - Boron (B) : 100ppm - Molypden (Mo) : 10ppm
- Appearance: Light brown liquid
- Use: MVD - B100 provides some micro-quantity substances to plants. It is a neccesary plant growth regulator. It helps plants to growth better and increase the photosynthesis capacity of plants. It will stimulate and enlarge the root systems and aids in correcting plant chlorocis. MVD B100 will also increase the transfer on fertilizers. Besides it controls effectively some diseases, for example yellow leaf, rice leafblast. It helps farmers to economize artificial fertilizers, especially to increase productivity and quality of products.
- Recommended dose : 200 ml MVD B100 per time in 320 - 400 liters water for hectare. Using it 4 - 5 times.

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Sieu to hat MVD B100

Rice Field

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